Mountain Bike Components

Mountain Bike Components You Should Consider

You should look carefully at the components on the bike. These are things like fork or suspension, brakes, brake levers, shift levers and derailleurs. As with most things in life, the general rule is that you get what you pay for. This is true with mountain bikes as well. The more money you pay for components the more reliable they become. The high-end components are generally lighter and easier to tune and maintain.

The price difference between low cost and high-end components comes down to the materials that the components are made with, which determines the weight and durability of the components. Another factor that determines the price of a component is the fit and finish and performance that are expected of the specific component, such as derailleurs and brakes.

If you mountain bike budget is limited, getting a good frame should be your first priority. Save money but still get a top quality mountain bike by buying high quality key components – components that will matter in giving you a reliable and fun bike you will enjoy riding.

After you have decided on the frame for your cross country hardtail mountain bike, the next items that your budget should go toward is a light front shock, a light and strong set of wheels, reliable brakes and a smooth shifting rear derailleur.

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