Mountain Biking Accessories

Basic Equipment and Accessories for Mountain Biking

Besides a quality mountain bike that fits you, you will need some basic mountain biking accessories to make your mountain biking outings more enjoyable and safe.

There are probably as many different mountain biking accessories as there are models of mountain bikes. While some accessories are cool and nice to have, but if you have a limited budget, you’ll do fine with the accessories listed below:

Bike Helmet

The bike helmet is the most important mountain biking accessory that you can buy and you should buy one at the same time you buy your mountain bike. No one should ever go mountain biking without a helmet. All it takes is one accident and a serious head injury to end your mountain biking days – if not your life. Modern mountain bike helmets are stylish and comfortable to wear. Have the staff at the local bike shop help you pick out a helmet that properly fits your head and adjust the chin strap to correctly secure the helmet on your head.

Mountain Bike Gloves

Gloves are the second most important accessory you should have next to your helmet. They serve to improve your grip on the handlebar, cushion some of the road shock and to protect your hand from cuts and bruises in case you crash. Mountain bike gloves come in cutoff and full-fingered. Full-fingered gloves provide better protection for your hands in case of a fall.

Eye Protection

Glasses offer protection from dust, insects, wind and other debris that can get in your eyes while mountain biking. Something going in your eye will cause you to run off the trail and possibly crash. Sunglasses or clear lenses glasses can help keep your eyes safe from debris kicked up on the trail, as well as protect them from the wind. Sunglasses also protect your eyes from the sun’s ultra-violet rays and cut down any glares.

Repair Kit

It’s easy to get stuck in the woods or on the trail if you don’t bring the proper repair kit for your bike. The repair kit should include chain repair tool and tire repair tools. For fixing a flat tire the kit should have patches, glue, portable pump with a pressure gauge and a spare inner tube. Also include a multi-tool set with wrenches to repair mechanical damages. Learn and practice how to repair a flat tire before hitting the trail for the first time.

Hydration System

As with being involved with any physical activity, make sure you have a way to rehydrate your body. Always bringing a water bottle or hydration backpack with you on your rides.

Mountain Bike Shorts

While shorts specifically designed for mountain biking are not essential, they do add to the comfort of mountain biking. These shorts usually provide some padding for your bottom and made of moisture wicking material.

Mountain Bike Shoes

As with shorts, specify mountain biking shoes are not essential to your enjoyment of mountain biking. Good mountain bike shoes are durable, comfortable, and provide a stiff sole for better pedaling efficiency.

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