Where to Buy Your Mountain Bike

A Good Bicycle Shop is Important to Finding a Good Bike

Finding a good bike shop or dealer is an important step in your search for your quality first mountain bike and to your future mountain biking enjoyment.
You should buy your first mountain bike from a local shop, or a shop that isn’t too far away from your home, so that you can easily take your bike back if you have any problems with it.

Drop in on as many local bike shops as you can. Since different dealers or shops carry slightly different selection of bikes, you may not find the same make and model bike that you want to buy at each shop. Talk to the sales people at each bike store and be honest about your biking skills and the type of terrain you plan to ride most often, and how much money you want to spend. That way, the sales people can point you toward the best mountain bike for your skill level.

You should always find a dealer that cares more about selling you a great bike that you enjoy riding than selling you a high priced one. Make sure you feel comfortable with the competency of the staff at a store. After all, the staff at the store that you will buy your mountain bike from will be responsible for putting the bike together. You want the job to be done correctly; otherwise, no matter how much money you are paying for the bike, it will not be an enjoyable ride. You also want a store that you will feel comfortable bringing your bike back to for work in the future.

Do not buy a bike from giant discount department stores, big box stores or toy stores. The mountain bikes sold at these stores are always built with cheap components attached to cheap and heavy frames, and flashy and heavy front and rear shocks. In most cases, sales people that don’t know anything about mountain bikes build up these mountain bikes. And of course, there will be not service department that can help you should you need to have your bike serviced. If you have to bring the bike in to a local bike shop, you will soon spend any money you may have saved on servicing the bike at the local bike shop.

Buying a mountain bike from eBay or by mail order may also save you a few dollars, but, again, if your don’t know what you are buying, you could end up with a bike that doesn’t fit you correctly and you could end up spend more money at the local bike shop to get it to fit.

Buying your mountain bike from a local bike shop, you can be sure that the bike fits you correctly before you walk out the store with the bike. A local bike shop will be able to make adjustments to the bike or let you swap components to get the bike to fit you correctly – often at not extra charge. Your new mountain bike will need a tune up after a few months of riding due to new cables stretching from use. Your local bike shop usually offers this follow up turn up service as part of their warranty on the bike.

Do some research on the brand of bikes that you are interested in on the internet or in bicycling magazines before you actually go into a bike store. Internet websites such as epinion.com, mtbr.com and consumersearch.com offer bike reviews that are posted by readers. Bike reviews by people who actually use the bikes are a great way to find out about a mountain bikes performance and reliability.

One thing to keep in mind if you go into a local bike shop with a short list of mountain bike brands, and maybe specific models, that you are interested in buying. Check the components of the bikes to make sure that the components are the same or equal to the components listed on the bike makers website for the particular bike. Some shops swap parts for varies reason. So if you are paying a price for certain components on a particular bike, you should get what you pay for.

Buying your first mountain bike form a local bike shop will ensure that you get a comfortable bike that fits and that you will have someone to turn to when you need to get your bike fixed or adjusted.

No matter where you buy your bikes, it is very important that you buy a bike with that is of good quality and fits you correctly. You wouldn’t want to waste your money on a mountain bike that you don’t enjoy riding and have the bike take up space in your shed or garage because you don’t like riding it. Read the post on what to look for in a quality mountain bike.

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